Best Heated Mattress Pad 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

(Last Updated On: June 4, 2018)

Leaving the furnace turned on all night long can lead to hiked heating bills. However getting up at night because of the cold is even more traumatic. While resorting to wearing thick sweaters and socks to bed, or sleeping under a pile of blankets seems to be the only solution, there’s good news for you in the form of a heated mattress pad.

Yes, just as the name suggests, an electric or heated mattress covering offers a much better and elegant option for keeping you warm while you sleep. These pads are large enough to cover your bed and are used under your bottom sheet. They can’t even be seen unless while changing linens.

They are more in demand during the cold winters to keep your bed warm and cozy. However, they can also be used in other seasons to give relief from back pain, body aches and to relax tired muscles after a long day’s work.

Best Heated Mattress Pads 2018

Name Material Control

Sunbeam #1

Check Sunbeam ReviewsCheck Sunbeam Heated Pad Price

100% Polyester LED Controller includes 10 heat settings
Sunbeam #2

Check Sunbeam Pad ReviewCheck Sunbeam Heated Price

100% Polyester

EasySet pro controllers

Sunbeam #3

Check Sunbeam ReviewCheck Price

100% Polyester Control over heat levels
Soft Heat Micro-Plush

Check Soft Heat Micro-Plush ReviewCheck Soft Heat Micro-Plush Price

100% Polyester Automatic temperature pre-heat

Sunbeam Waterproof

Check Sunbeam Waterproof ReviewCheck Sunbeam Waterproof Price

100% Cotton 10-setting controller
Sunbeam All Season

Check Sunbeam All Season ReviewCheck Sunbeam All Season Price

100% Cotton

Digital 10-Hour Auto-off Control

Biddeford 5202-505222

 Check Biddeford 5202-505222-100 ReviewsCheck Biddeford 5202-505222-100 Price

Cotton and Polyester Digital Control(s) with Ten Heat Settings

Biddeford 5302-9051128

Check Biddeford 5302-9051128-100 ReviewCheck Biddeford 5302-9051128-100 Price

20.5 x 15.4 x 5.6 inches

ECO FRIENDLY Energy Save Mode

1. Sunbeam Vertical Quilted Heated Mattress Pad

Review of Sunbeam Vertical Quilted Heated Mattress Pad

You no longer have to get into cold beds with your Sunbeam Vertical Heated quilted mattress pad at home. Its preheating function heats your bed to the right temperature by the time you are ready to go to sleep.

Once your bed is heated to your desired temperature, the mattress cover maintains the same temperature up to the 10-hour safety shut-off. And in case you feel hot or cold at night, just use its ComfortTec LED Controller’s10 different heat levels to adjust to a comfortable temperature.

Most of the couples have different sleeping preferences, which is why the Sunbeam Vertical comes with dual controls on their king and queen-sized mattress pads. Couples can thus adjust the temperature on their side of the bed.

The polyester heated bed cover is so easy to use; it can be used right out of the box. The only inconvenience you may feel is correctly positioning the device’s cords. They can’t be tucked under the bed frame or kept in the bed coverings for safety reasons.

The problem is best resolved by reversing the pad so that the cords are attached to the bed head. The wires won’t obstruct your sleep as most users say they can’t be felt through the pad and sheet.


  • Double zone control for personalized sleeping comfort
  • Ten heat settings on each ComfortTec LED controller
  • Relief from neck, shoulder, back and other aches
  • Controllers auto-tune to provide consistent heat through the night using ThermoFine technology
  • 100% polyester with 140 thread count that’s machine-washable and dryer safe
  • Contains5 ounces of filling
  • 10-hour auto shut-off safety feature
  • unobtrusive heating wires quickly heat the cover-up
  • Its border fits 18-inch mattresses
  • 5-year limited warranty from Sunbeam


  • Need two power outlets for two controllers
  • Some consumers suggest using thick sheets to mask wires.
  • Some consumers are unhappy with ‘cheap’ covering fabric.
  • Not as cushy as other mattress pads
  • Poor customer support

2. Sunbeam Quilted Heated Mattress Pad

Review of Sunbeam Quilted Heated Mattress Pad

The Sunbeam Quilted Queen Heated Mattress Pad is one of the many products from Sunbeam brand that has been making life so much comfortable for customers for more than hundred years. The Sunbeam heated mattress pad queen is made of 100% polyester, with 5 ounces of fill, a 140 thread count and fits up to 18-inch mattresses. It’s machine-washable and dryer safe.

The cover comes with convenient dual zone EasySet Pro controllers with ten heat settings and a 10-hour auto-shutoff feature, in case you forget to switch off the mattress pad! Its ThermoFine technology maintains consistent and comfortable warmth at night through auto-tuning. The mattress cover also has flashing controllers which warn you if the power plug is not pushed far enough into mattress plug

With the electric mattress pad in place, you no longer have to go through sleepless nights because of neck, shoulder, back or leg pain. The cover’s heat helps soothe the pain to give you a good night’s sleep.


  • Two side controllers, each having ten heat settings to select your desired temperature
  • Made of 100% polyester and easy to wash and dry in machines
  • Easy to set-up and use, even controls are easily understood
  • Auto-off safety feature after 10 hours of use
  • Quickly and evenly heats up for consistent warmth through the night
  • Five-year Sunbeam limited warranty
  • ThermoFine technology maintains senses and adjusts the blanket to a constant heat
  • Gives a good night’s sleep with neck, back, legs, shoulder, and body ache relief
  • Very soft and comfortable with 5 ounces of filling
  • Comes packed in a handy carrying bag with accessories


  • Not meant for small children and infants, and those with some disabilities
  • Emits a humming noise when in use
  • Plug is bulky and not well placed
  • Some complaints of wires melting and controllers not working properly
  • Some charges of uneven and inconsistent heating
  • Poor customer service
  • Controllers are not long enough
  • dial settings are difficult to change especially for people with arthritis and the elderly

3. Sunbeam Polyester Heated Mattress Review of Sunbeam Polyester Heated Mattress

With the Sunbeam Queen Polyester electric bed cover on your bed, you and your partner can finally get a good night’s sleep. Not only does its ten different heat settings give you adjusted and complete relief from aching shoulders, neck and back, but the pad also comes with two Pro Controllers.

This means that both you and your partner can adjust the temperature based on your individual heat preferences. This is an excellent feature if you like a hotbed, but your partner prefers a cold one!

It’s the mattress pad’s double-sided ThermoFine technology senses your body heat and the room’s temperature. It accordingly automatically adjusts the pad’s heat through the night. Don’t worry if you are apprehensive about using the mattress cover thinking it will remain switched on throughout the night. The mattress cover has an automatic switch-off feature where it switches off after 10 hours of sleep.

To add to it’s comfort, the Sunbeam electric mattress pad is extra-soft and cozy, which isn’t surprising as it’s made of 100% polyester with 5 inches of filling. Maintenance is also easy as it is machine washable, and safe to use in the dryer.


  • Made of 100% super soft and cozy polyester and is safe to wash in machine and dry in dryer
  • Has two zone controls for customized sleeping comfort
  • Each control can be adjusted to 10 heat levels, based on the amount of heat you require
  • ThermoFine technology maintains the cover’s heat by auto-tuning based on your body heat and room temperatures
  • Comes with a 10-hour auto shut-off safety feature
  • Has a five-year limited warranty
  • Border fits a 16” mattress
  • Corner straps provide for better mattress height versatility
  • Easy to use and quickly heats with an on/off button


  • There’s no timer to pre-heat the mattress pad before sleeping
  • Temperature dial is a bit difficult to handle
  • Some complaints of a horrible odor
  • The control keeps blinking, and there are no instructions on how to rectify it
  • Claims that it’s hard and that the coils can be felt

4. Soft Heat Micro-Plush Top Low-Voltage Electric Heated Queen Mattress Pad Soft Heat Micro-Plush Top Low-Voltage Electric Heated Queen Mattress Pad Reviews

Do you find it difficult falling asleep because of aching bones and joints or the cold? Then the Soft Heat Queen Micro-Plush mattress pad may be what you need. It not only heats you up using its safe, low voltage-technology, but it’s also very supportive and luxurious in feel.

Unlike other covers, there are no bulky wires to worry about creating uncomfortable hot or cold spots. Instead, the mattress cover has extremely thin wires that you hardly feel or realize its presence.

And in case you want the bed warm and cozy for you by the time you brush your teeth and change into pajamas, then you’ll like its automatic temperature pre-heat and hold feature. And in case you fall asleep, there’s no worry about the mattress cover overheating as it has a built-in safety over-temperature protection feature.

This electric mattress pad queen also automatically shut off after 10 hours of use. This is not only a safety feature but also saves on your electric bill as you most probably won’t need any heating after 10 hours of use.

And as the mattress pad is divided into two zones, you and your partner can use the dual light controls to adjust the heat to your comfort. It’s the only mattress cover meeting UL standards for harmless voltage. A small power supply box converts 120V AC home power into safe low voltage DC like a battery.


  • Mattress made with plush micro-velour fabric on top feels exceptionally soft and supportive
  • Maintenance is easy as it is machine washable and dried without shrinking or stretching
  • Have only thin wires that are practically impossible to feel
  • Automatic pre-heat and hold feature
  • Two zones operated by dual lighted controls for customized heating
  • Automatically switches off after 10 hours of use
  • Uniform heating with its evenly spaced thin wires ensures that’s no hot or cold spots
  • Made in China with a five-year warranty
  • Only warming mattress pad that meets UL standards for harmless voltage
  • Controller has significant easy-to-read numbers and on/off switch with auto dimming feature
  • Fits a maximum of 18” mattresses


  • Complaints of not heating at the bottom which can be uncomfortable for tall people
  • Wires seem to turn brown at the pad connection after a few months’ usage

5. Sunbeam Waterproof Heated Mattress Pad, MSU6SQS-T000-11A00 Sunbeam Waterproof Heated Mattress Pad Review

Body aches and pains will no longer disturb your sleep with the Sunbeam Queen Waterproof heated pad covering your mattress. This cozy Sunbeam heated mattress pad heats your bed to make it comfortable for cold nights, and for relief from aches and pains. And with its waterproof backing in place, there’s no worry about spills and leakages at night.

Its exclusive ThermoFine technology senses your body heat and external temperature and continuously adjusts the temperature to keep the mattress warm while you sleep. The electric mattress pad is exceptionally comfortable as it’s made of 100% cotton with a 200 thread count on the top and has a waterproof backing. To make things better, the mattress pad comes with 6 ounces of fill for extra support and protection from spills.

The 10-hour auto-shutoff is a welcome feature in case you forget to switch off the mattress cover. And with its 10-setting controller and two heating zones, both you and your partner can adjust the heat on your side to your comfort levels. The preheat function assures your bed is warm and comfortable in time you’re ready for bed.


  • 100% cotton quilted electric bed top pad with 200 thread count and six ounces of fill
  • Has a waterproof backing and is machine washable and safe to use in a dryer
  • Its ThermoFine technology maintains consistent warmth while asleep
  • Has a five-year limited warranty
  • Two heating zones with 10-setting controllers for individualized heating comfort
  • Border fits a 19” mattress
  • Has a preheat and 10-hour auto shut-off features


  • Some complaints of a whirring sound when the unit is on
  • Poor customer service

6. Sunbeam All Season Premium Queen Heated Mattress Pad Sunbeam All Season Premium Queen Heated Mattress Pad

Worried about your escalating winter power bills? With the Sunbeam All Season 100% Cotton Queen electric mattress topper in place, this should no longer be a problem. You just have to switch it on for a warm night’s sleep, and need no longer heat up the room.

The Sunbeam Premium heated cover is made of 100% quilted cotton with a 250 thread count to fit 21 inch thick mattresses. As the control has two heating zones, you can conveniently control the heat on your side to your comfort based on ten heat settings.

The mattress cover’s ThermoFine Warming system automatically senses the temperatures and makes adjustments to maintain a consistent temperature and warmth while you sleep. Not only does the cover switch off automatically after 10 hours of use, but it also has a preheat feature to get your bed warm in time to sleep.

Maintenance is easy as the Sunbeam therapeutic heated mattress pad is safe for machine washes and can be dried in a dryer. It also comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty which itself is proof of the standard of the heated mattress topper.


  • Made of 100% quilted cotton and has a 250 thread count top
  • Fits 21 inch deep mattress
  • Two heating zones let you customize the heat on your side
  • Safe for machine wash and dry
  • Has a 5-year warranty
  • Auto switch-off after 10 hours and a preheat feature to warm cold sheets before sleeping
  • Controller comes with 10heating zones
  • ThermoFine Warming system automatically adjusts to maintain heat levels
  • Helps reduce your winter heating bills


  • Complaints of receiving the pad without heating unit and poorly packed
  • Though there is a warranty, you have to bear shipping costs for any replacements and complaints

7. Biddeford 5202-505222-100 Quilted Skirt Electric Heated Mattress Pad Reviews of Biddeford Quilted Skirt Electric Heated Mattress Pad

The Biddeford Queen Quilted Heated Mattress Pad can help give you a good night’s sleep on cold nights. It’s top cotton and polyester blend layer is extra soft, and its Natural color gives a decorative look to the mattress cover.

With its expandable border, the mattress cover can comfortably fit up to 22-inch mattresses. The top is a generously filled quilt for added comfort. Along with its progressive warmth zones, the mattress bed also has ten digitally controlled heat settings for better heating pleasure.

The dual temperature control is a welcome feature, especially if you have to share your bed with your spouse or someone else. With this feature, you can both personalize your heat levels. The ultra-thin wiring of the mattress bed ensures minimal discomfort while the 10 hours auto-shutoff is a needed safety feature.

The Biddeford heated mattress pad is easy to maintain as it can be machine washed and dried as needed. With the bed cover in place, you get a warm bed in cold winter months with reduced heating bills. The bed cover keeps you warm enough to sleep through the night without having to warm the room. So you no longer have to depend on your body to warm your cold beds.


  • Top layer is a soft blend of cotton and polyester
  • Can comfortably accommodate 22” mattresses with its expandable border
  • Double temperature control for personalized heating
  • Digital control has ten heat settings to choose from
  • Progressive warmth zones and comfortable thin wires
  • 10-hour auto-shut off safety feature
  • Machine washable and dried
  • Helps reduce your heating bills


  • Complaints of feeling wires through the thin matting material
  • Some consumers complain of poor heating
  • Control is somewhat bright to use in the dark

8. Biddeford 5302-9051128-100 Sherpa Quilted Skirt Electric Heated Mattress Pad Biddeford 5302-9051128-100 Reviews

It’s when the temperature starts dropping, and you have aching bones that the Biddeford Sherpa Quilted Queen Electric heated mattress topper proves most useful to you. This is a polyester mattress cover that is luxuriously soft with a comfortable top.

Its quilted top is generously filled and can be expanded to fit even a 22” mattress. The mattress topper comes with progressive warmth zones and has comfortable wiring that is so thin; you can hardly feel them.

The electric mattress topper comes with dual temperature digital controller which can be adjusted to a maximum of ten heat levels. This means the electrical mattress topper can be customized to suit everyone’s heating needs. This proves useful if you need extra heat to get a good night’s sleep while your partner prefers a more cooling bed to sleep well.

The additional 10-hour auto shut-off feature is also a welcome safety feature as it gives you peace of mind while sleeping. With the Biddeford electric mattress pad safe for machine washes and drying, its maintenance is rather straightforward.


  • Soft and comfortable electric mattress topper
  • Wires are so thin you will hardly feel them
  • Made of polyester and machine washable and dryable
  • Comes with a 10-hour auto shut-off feature
  • Ten digitally controlled heat settings to select from
  • Progressive warmth regions for a more comfortable night’s sleep
  • The border can be expanded to fit a 22” mattress
  • Dual controls let the two people sleeping on the bed personalize their heat settings
  • Can be preheated in a matter of minutes


  • Complaints of control being too bright and somewhat disturbing at night
  • Some people complain of slow heating, even when the heated mattress topper is in HIGH setting
  • Some consumers complain that it’s heating not always uniform

Heated Mattress Pad Buyer’s Guide

Effect of heat on the body

Heat is a natural pain relief remedy that alleviates various problems while improving your overall health. This is where an electric bed top pad helps; by improving the blood flow in areas, heat is applied.

The improved blood flow to these damaged parts of the body helps heal and provide relief by enhancing the amount of oxygen and nutrition the area receives. This, in turn, improves muscle strength, relaxes the inflamed joint, reduces pain and also improves movement in that body part.

Besides, heat and electrically heated mattress pads help prevent stiff joints and the start of aches and pains on cold or damp nights. It’s not necessary that you keep the electric mattress pad switched on all night.

You can use it to warm the bed and then switch it off when you are ready to get under your warm bed covers. This is why some pads also have timers for you to schedule the pad’s timings.

Precautionary measures

As electric mattress coverings are electrical devices, it has to be used carefully. The wrong steps and usage can lead to the injury of your skin, blood, and nerves. This can be avoided by buying bed warming pads with timers or a feature where the unit automatically switches off. These features prevent any risks of burning or overheating.

Always choose an electric mattress covering that fits your bed correctly to prevent it from moving or disturbing your sleeping partner. There’s a chance of it even leading to suffocation if used by a heavy sleeper, people taking sleeping pills and in people who can’t sense anything around their nose, mouth or neck regions.

While heat has always been used for treating various problems, it’s still better to consult your healthcare provider before starting any heat treatment. Sometimes warmth can alleviate other ailment symptoms or lead to dehydration and heat stroke if used for long.

Last, but not least, make sure that children do not use a heating mattress pad or any heating device for prolonged periods. This applies to even children aged less than ten, especially without any supervision.

Heated mattress pad vs. electric blanket

Though electric blankets are more famous than electric mattress coverings, an electric-powered mattress pad may be a better option for the following reasons:

  • Waterproof heated covers are a great help if you spill something on it or your pet passes urine on it.
  • Electric mattress coverings retain heat around your body much better than blankets.
  • Electrical mattress pads are more energy efficient. The warmth of blankets tends to flow upwards towards the ceiling while the heat of a bed cover reaches only your body.
  • As mattress pads are placed on top of the mattress, there’s no additional weight to carry like an electric blanket. Besides, as the mattress pad can’t be seen, you can cover your bed using any bedspread, blanket or cover.
  • As heated mattress coverings are placed under the sheets, it goes through minimal wear and tear and dirt. They don’t even need as frequent cleaning as blankets and have a longer life.
  • There is a chance of an electric blanket catching fire if it balls up. There’s a minimum associated risk in bed warming pads as it lies flat on your bed.
  • You can’t kick an electric mattress pad off the bed in the middle of the night, but can kick an electric blanket!

Benefits of buying a heated mattress pad

Some people think that it’s no point buying an electric mattress pad when they already have blankets and central heating. It’s because they aren’t aware of the following benefits:

  1. Heated bed covers keep you warm and comfortable, minus the weight of heavy blankets.
  2. Your heating bills also reduce. With heated pads keeping you warm, you needn’t warm the room all night.
  3. You finally get to sleep better with reduced muscle soreness and body pain
  4. It’s possible to increase or decrease the cover’s heat levels as the night gets too cold or hot
  5. It alleviates arthritis symptoms. Its heat works on your muscles to promote healing of inflammation, stiffness and joint pain.

Buying Tips

With differently shaped, sized and featured electric mattress coverings in the market, you need to choose your cover wisely. The right choice ensures you purchase something comfortable, within your budget and something that’s easy to use and maintain.

  • Safety

This is your priority where the heated mattress covering should conform to UL964 government Underwriters Laboratories safety standards for electrically heated bedding. This is usually mentioned on the label or packaging. Check labels carefully as the safest electric mattress pads change 120V AC electricity to harmless, low-voltage DC power, which reduces the risks of electric shocks.

Like any electrical appliance, you need to take some precautions while using electric mattress toppers. For example, it’s not advisable for children or people with limited mobility, who can’t operate the cover’s controls or who have health problems to use these electric bed covers.

Even people who cannot understand the directions, or are insensitive to heat and cannot detect the mattress cover overheating should not use them at all. Besides, electric mattress pads should not be used with waterbeds. There is the risk of a leak from the bed triggering an electrocution.

Electric bed covers should also not be used with a pull-out sofa or adjustable beds, or with any other electric pads or blankets. And most importantly, if the electric mattress cover gets wet, make sure it’s completely dry before you next use it. There is a chance of your getting a severe electric shock if it’s switched on when wet.

It’s always better to buy a mattress pad with built-in protection that prevents overheating while asleep. Most mattress pads automatically switch off after 10 hours while some let users set to have the cover on for a fixed amount of time.

Some mattress pads let you set the temperature to have it automatically switch off upon reaching the desired heat level. If you feel the bed cover poses any dangers, and you don’t feel its safe, its best avoided.

  • Quality and durability

You can judge an electric mattress pad’s standard by the company warranty period. The good covers are those that provide a reasonable warranty for five years. Check the pad’s material type as different materials like cotton, foam, and latex have distinct advantages, qualities, and disadvantages.

Look for electric mattress bedding with a higher thread count as they are better in quality. The wiring should also be flexible and comfortable, and preferably not visible while sleeping. Always look for a durable pad from reputable companies that last longer than the unknown brands.

  • Usage

Check the mattress pad’s controllers as it should be easy to use even by people with disability problems like arthritis. Some have easy-to-use dials or buttons to push while others may have large numbers which are a better option for people who can’t see properly.

  • Size and fit

Mattress pads providing heat should perfectly fit your bed. They come in different sizes like heated mattress pad twin, double size, queen size, and kingsize. There are some models that have elastic straps that fit onto the corners while others have borders. So you have to check based on your bed size.

  • Heat control

It is possible to program the warmth of your bed based the mattress pad’s heat settings. You have a controller with a button to press or a knob to turn to make adjustments. Good electric mattress pads are those that let you quickly control the temperature and heat. It should be straightforward so that even first timers have no problems using the unit.

  • Double control 

Most electric mattress coverings sized Queen upwards come with ‘dual controls.’ In this case,  two people sharing the bed have the liberty of changing the heat on each side to their individual preferences. It’s a useful feature if you have your spouse sleeping with you on the bed, and who doesn’t like or need the heat to treat any ailing complaints.

  • Material

While most electric mattress toppers come with an external polyester layer, some are made of natural fibers like cotton. The material used should not be much of a concern as you anyway will be covering it with a bed sheet. A cotton outer layer may, however, be better if you don’t intend to cover the pad with a bed sheet.

  • Mechanical shut-off

With this feature in place, the electric mattress pad automatically switches off after a fixed period of 10 hours. It exists in most units.

  • Price and budget

You naturally have to buy a heated mattress topper that fits your budget. There are price variances between different brands and versions where the best pads may cost as high as thousands of dollars. So don’t neglect the price while looking for your mattress cover.

While you can buy odd sized or unusually sized bed covers larger than the kingsize heated mattress pads, they cost more. Unique sized pads are produced in limited quantities and are expensive to produce. You have to buy something within your budget as there’s no point in buying something you can’t afford.

  • Comfort

The mattress pad should be comfortable and balanced between softness and comfort. Don’t buy a particular brand or model just because your friends find it pleasant. What is suitable for them may not be comfortable for you. Look for covers that mold well to your body shapes like memory foam and latex, or soft natural materials like cotton.

  • Maintenance and mobility

It’s essential that the chosen electric mattress pad is easy to clean lest it ends up filthy after some time. It’s however not easy cleaning these covers because of its electrical parts. Some covers are waterproof and only need to be wiped with a damp cloth. While most are machine washable, check the label as some can just be dry cleaned.

As you may have to move the heated bed cover from one room to another, or if you have to relocate, it’s better to choose a unit that’s easy to move. This is best determined based on its weight, and how effortlessly it can be folded if you need to move or pack it.

  • Special features

Unique features like waterproofing and timers are always welcome in electric bed toppers. Waterproofing is especially useful if you have difficulty controlling your bladder or have shaky hands and may spill water while drinking a glass of water. These added features may provide extra comfort and convenience, but is also more expensive than ordinary electric bed top pads.

Useful questions and answers

1.    What are the security measures to be taken while using electric bed top pads?

While heated bed covers are relatively safe to use, you should use it carefully just as you would handle any other electrical appliance. For example, as there is the risk of the mattress cover overheating or malfunctioning at times, it’s not suggested to let children use them. Even those with mobility issues and who are not in a position to act fast if an accident or malfunctioning occurs should preferably not use heated mattress covers.

2.    Any electric bed cover washing instructions to follow?

Most electric mattress covers are safe to wash in washing machines. However, you need to ensure the electric bed top pad you buy can be safely washed in a machine before putting it in your washing machine!

Besides, you need to remove all wires and the controller before washing the pad. Most important, do check the manufacturer’s washing and maintenance instructions, and how it should be dried after washing.

3.    Is it safe to use electric bed top pads with any mattress?

It’s relatively safe to use heated mattress covers with most mattresses. Some experts do not support using heated bed covers atop mattresses made of memory foam. They claim that the heat will affect the foam’s ability of molding to your body’s shape. However, the many people who have used the cover with these mattresses have no complaints.

4.    When do most electric mattress pads automatically shut off?

Most electric mattress toppers automatically shut off after 10 hours of usage as its presumably long enough for most sleepers.

5.    Is it safe to fold electric mattress pads to fit smaller beds?

No, you should never fold the heated mattress pad full when it’s in use as it may trigger a fire. For example, you should not wrap heated mattress pad king so that it’s small enough to fit a twin bed.


Remember, it’s not necessary that the most expensive mattress pad is the best for you. There is always the possibility of a cheap heated pad being as comfortable as an expensive one. It’s just important that you choose a heated mattress cover based on the features you want in it, its safety features and of course, your budget.

The buying guide above, and the many heated mattress pad review provided below should help you select the best heated mattress pad that will keep you warm on cold nights, helps give relief from aches and pains and even reduces your heating bills. It’s left to you to make comparisons between the electric mattress pad reviews of different brands and models to get a mattress cover that assures you a good night’s sleep.

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